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Angela Simpson: The Horror Tale of the Torturing and Murder of a Handicapped Man

Angela Simpson is one of the most infamous murderers in Arizona history tortured, murdered, and mutilated a crippled man. The savage murder was discovered in August 2009 by Phoenix police. Authorities found scorched human remains inside a home trash can after receiving a fire alarm. Terry Neely, a resident of a nearby assisted-living facility, was positively identified as the owner of the remains through fingerprint testing. Simpson, who was already in prison for an unrelated case, admitted to murdering Neely shortly after the horrific discovery. It was her terrifying revelation that served as inspiration for Killing Eve's fictional sociopathic hitwoman Villanelle. Because she suspected him of being a police informant, Angela Simpson cruelly harassed Terry Neely for three days in August 2009. A Face-to-Face Meeting With A Brutal Assassin Aside from the crime she committed, not little is known regarding Simpson's life. According to Angela Simpson, who was born on November 29, 19

Debra Jeter Chop Off Her Own Daughters' Tongue

On June 5, 2009, Debra Jeter took her girls to a deserted house. She confessed chillingly, "I just killed my children," while calling 911 after viciously assaulting them. The first time Debra Jeter saw her daughters Kelsey and Kiersten in fifteen days was on June 5, 2009. While Jeter was in a mental facility, her husband was able to get temporary custody of their daughters and place a restraining order against her. The injunction was withdrawn after her release. This was Jeter's first contact with her daughters without an adult present. Unfortunately, things swiftly turned gloomy instead of bright. In rural Texas, she led her girls to a deserted house where she brutally murdered them by slicing their necks. The fact that Debra herself contacted emergency services to report the occurrence is even more disturbing. Authorities were able to apprehend Jeter and rescue Kiersten in the nick of time, but Kelsey didn't make it. Kiersten was rushed to the hospital and had surge