Angela Simpson: The Horror Tale of the Torturing and Murder of a Handicapped Man

Angela Simpson is one of the most infamous murderers in Arizona history tortured, murdered, and mutilated a crippled man.

The savage murder was discovered in August 2009 by Phoenix police. Authorities found scorched human remains inside a home trash can after receiving a fire alarm.

Angela Simpson Killer

Terry Neely, a resident of a nearby assisted-living facility, was positively identified as the owner of the remains through fingerprint testing. Simpson, who was already in prison for an unrelated case, admitted to murdering Neely shortly after the horrific discovery.

It was her terrifying revelation that served as inspiration for Killing Eve's fictional sociopathic hitwoman Villanelle. Because she suspected him of being a police informant, Angela Simpson cruelly harassed Terry Neely for three days in August 2009.

A Face-to-Face Meeting With A Brutal Assassin

Aside from the crime she committed, not little is known regarding Simpson's life. According to Angela Simpson, who was born on November 29, 1975, her battle with mental illness started when she was 10 years old.

While she now denies any involvement with her four children, rumors have it that she started doing narcotics at a young age.

Terry Neely, 47, departed his assisted-living facility in his wheelchair on August 2, 2009, and the crime started soon after.

Apparently knowing 33-year-old Angela Simpson, he was soon enticed into her flat. Simpson threatened Neely with "sex and drugs" if he came to her flat, according to her assertion to Neely. She started mercilessly torturing him instead.

According to Phoenix New Times, Simpson brutally attacked Neely over three days, using a tire iron, various knives, a three-inch nail, and tooth extraction. By positioning a mirror directly in front of her victim, Simpson also had him observe his own torment.

He had to see the consequences of his actions, as she expressed it later: by himself. In the end, Simpson killed Neely in the same apartment by slitting his throat and then strangling him with a television cable.

After killing her victim, she tried to cover up the crime by dismembering her body and throwing the parts into a neighboring garbage can, which she later lit on fire.

An Overview of Angela Simpson's Arrest

The senior living home where Terry Neely resided had reported him missing the moment they noticed he was no longer there, but Angela Simpson had no idea. On August 5th, the fire department arrived at the trash can just in time to retrieve Neely's body parts, thwarting her attempt to dispose of them.

As soon as the results of the fingerprint analysis on the bones came back as belonging to the missing Neely, the police launched a murder inquiry.

A few days down the road, the wheelchair that Neely used was found close to the residence of Edward McFarland, a 36-year-old known to be an associate of Simpson's.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that when detectives examined a separate apartment that was known to be inhabited by both Simpson and McFarland, they found blood stains that corresponded to Neely.

Angela Simpson Murderer

Also, someone saw smoke billowing out of that unit and reported it to the authorities. During his investigation, he discovered a garbage can from the City of Phoenix in the kitchen.

In addition to confessing to the murder of Neely and threatening to murder the witness if he reported her, the same witness stated that McFarland and Simpson requested to borrow his automobile.

Police examined Simpson and McFarland after they were already in jail on separate charges of armed robbery. Simpson confessed to killing Neely without hesitation on August 18th. After that, her motivation—and her seeming lack of regret—would make her famous across the country.

Angela Simpson's Shameless Admittance

Angela Simpson, a former serial killer, accused Terry Neely of being a "snitch" and using the argument that he had told on a righteous person years ago.

The Phoenix police department did not maintain Neely's record of acting as an informant or "telling" on someone. Simpson persisted in saying Neely was a snitch and that he received "what he deserved." She claimed she regretted not being able to murder any more snitches and showed no regret for the murder.

In 2009, Simpson justified her heinous deeds to the public, stating that she didn't want her children or family to be in a place where there are snitches.

She entered a guilty plea to first-degree murder in 2012 and was given a life term in jail with an extra 14 years added for further offenses. In an interview with 3TV, Simpson said she didn't mind receiving a life sentence, as she had many family in prison and was eager to see them.

The fictional assassin Villanelle in the drama series Killing Eve was inspired by Simpson's terrifying jail interviews. The show's creator, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, claimed that Simpson's voice set her apart from other female assassins and that her voice set her apart from other female killers.

A contentious audio clip from one of Simpson's prison interviews gained popularity on TikTok in 2021, where users lip-synced the comment: "He told me he was a snitch, on many occasions." Simpson is still serving out her life sentence behind bars and has never expressed regret for killing an innocent man.


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