Debra Jeter Chop Off Her Own Daughters' Tongue

On June 5, 2009, Debra Jeter took her girls to a deserted house. She confessed chillingly, "I just killed my children," while calling 911 after viciously assaulting them.

The first time Debra Jeter saw her daughters Kelsey and Kiersten in fifteen days was on June 5, 2009. While Jeter was in a mental facility, her husband was able to get temporary custody of their daughters and place a restraining order against her.

Debra Jeter Case Murder

The injunction was withdrawn after her release. This was Jeter's first contact with her daughters without an adult present.

Unfortunately, things swiftly turned gloomy instead of bright. In rural Texas, she led her girls to a deserted house where she brutally murdered them by slicing their necks. The fact that Debra herself contacted emergency services to report the occurrence is even more disturbing.

Authorities were able to apprehend Jeter and rescue Kiersten in the nick of time, but Kelsey didn't make it. Kiersten was rushed to the hospital and had surgery that saved her life.

The Jeter Family's Challenging Domestic Life

She met her husband, Lester "Lee" Jeter, in the late 1970s; she was a normal, average woman until the assault on her daughters happened. Kiersten and Kelsey were her daughters from a previous relationship. Few people know the specifics of Debra Janelle Jeter's life.

In the Jeter home, things were not going well. The couple's relationship had completely collapsed by 2009 when Lester decided to seek for a divorce.

According to The Sun, allegations that Debra abused her daughter Kiersten in 2004 led to her incarceration in a mental institution; however, the charges were subsequently dismissed.

It appeared like Debra's mental health took a hit as the Jeters' relationship went downhill between 2004 and 2009.

Debra made a suicide attempt in front of their girls in May of 2009, not long after Lester filed for a divorce. After that, she was enrolled in a mental health institution to receive treatment.

Debra Jeter Chop Off Her Own Daughters' Tongue

Lester was granted temporary custody of Kiersten and Kelsey during that period. Along with that, Lester served Debra with a temporary restraining order.

Unfortunately, the court who released Debra also removed the restraining order and the requirement that her meetings with her daughters be supervised. After being apart from her girls for fifteen days, Debra finally reunited them with a surprise and took them to a deserted house in rural Texas.

For what reason did Debra Jeter assault her daughters?

The police still lacked a motive, despite Debra Jeter's confession to the attack and murder. After being finally allowed to see her children, what had driven this mother to attempt suicide?

Jeter explained that her recent divorce was the catalyst for her behavior during her sentencing, in which she pleaded guilty to the charges.

The breakup of her family was too much for her to handle. Following the failure of her suicide attempt, she proceeded with an even more extreme measure. In order to avoid the death penalty, Debra Jeter took a plea agreement. She received a life sentence without the possibility of release. Her age was 33 when it happened.

Debra was visited by Lester Jeter and Kiersten in prison over one year subsequent to the assault. Debra had informed him that she still despised him, but that she was sorry for her actions, as he recalled afterward. Their separation and the custody battle that followed had devastated her, she told him.

"She wanted to alleviate all of our suffering because she believed that if she felt that way, then we must all feel that way," he explained.


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